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My name is Vi Nguyen

Warmest Congratulations on Your Journey into Parenthood!

This path is full of surprises, emotions, tears and joy. We understand the importance of capturing these meaningful moments, and we're here to help.


As a mother myself, I understand the excitement and anticipation of pregnancy. I recall how thrilled I was when I saw my baby's face for the first time during our 3D scanning session. That moment of incredible happiness inspired my husband and I to share this experience with other expecting parents, and thus we founded Had Me At Hello Imaging. Our aim is to create and capture your first family memory by introducing you to your baby before birth.


At Had Me At Hello Imaging, we utilize the latest technology to provide you with an intimate and relaxing bonding experience. Our team is dedicated to creating the most realistic view of your little one, capturing images that you will cherish for a lifetime.


Our services are different from medical ultrasound clinics, as we do not perform scans for medical or diagnostic purposes. This allows us to take our time and focus solely on creating a unique and unforgettable family experience.


We hope that our services will provide you with joyful and memorable moments as you journey towards parenthood.

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