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Prenatal and Baliness Massage

My name is Maria.  I am a passionate masseuse specialising in Pregnancy Massage by blending certified massage skills with traditional Balinese Massage experience.

 I have been blessed to learn about massages from a young age when my mother taught me traditional techniques that were passed on by her mother.


Over the years, I have practiced my craft by initially massaging family and friends at a young age and then partaking in certified massage courses in Australia and working as a masseuse.


This fusion of traditional and modern techniques and my love for meditation have helped me become the masseuse I am today.  People’s positive feedback after massages is what fuels my love and passion for the craft.


Treat yourself to a relaxing and rejuvenating massage that will refresh you physically, mentally, and spiritually, and feel free to let go as you enjoy the unique experience.



Balinese Massage

Male and Female customers are welcome

  • 45 minutes - $70

  • 60 minutes - $85

  • 90 minutes - $115

Pregnancy Massage

Relaxation massage for pregnant women at any stage of your pregnancy in our studio or at your home.

  • 60 minutes - $150

  • 90 minutes - $200

  • 2 hours       - $250

Additional cost applies if you choose to have the massage at your home.

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